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FAQs & Customer Support

After Sales

  • Your confirmation email
  • Track your order
  • Cancellations or lost tickets

Confirmation Email

Once you've made a purchase with us, you'll receive an email within a few minutes confirming your purchase to the email address you supplied. If you wish to change this email, please call our support team on 844-765-8432 and they'll help you with that.

  • If your email didn't show up in your inbox, you can:

    Check your spam box - sometimes your email provider will filter new emails, marking them as spam. It's always a good idea to check here first.

    Make sure you used the right email - Everyone has multiple emails nowadays, be sure to check all the addresses you use in case you provided one of those emails instead.

    If you've taken these steps and your email still hasn't shown up, please take a second to gather any information you have associated with the order, booking reference, show, venue, date of show, date of purchase etc and give us a call on 844-765-8432 and we'll help you get to the bottom of the mystery!

Order Status

  • Check the status of your order by using our handy ticket tracker. If your question is pressing, please call us up on 844-765-8432.

Event Attendance

  • Yes! Many theatres are gradually reopening. However, audiences may be required to have had a COVID vaccine in order to attend a performance and/or show proof of a negative test.

    Additional measures such as wearing a mask and social distancing may also still be in place. Please contact the venue directly with any queries.

  • Yes! Your tickets and admission to the event are subject to all their safety and health policies (including COVID-19 related ones). These policies may change in the leadup to your event and it is your responsibility to monitor any updates to these. If your admission to the event is denied or revoked because you have willfully failed or refused to comply with any such safety and health policies, you won't be eligible for any refund or other compensation

Cancellations and lost or stolen tickets

  • Tickets are a one of a kind, irreplaceable item that can rarely be re-printed or re-accessed. These restrictions are in place to prevent fraudulent behaviour, such as multiple copies of the same ticket. In some limited cases we may be able to have lost or stolen tickets reprinted and reissued with new barcodes and/or resent via email. Call us on 844-765-8432 or use our online contact form and we'll see if we can assist.

  • Tickets purchased through our nationwide exchange are not able to cancel orders or offer refunds. There is a standard all-sales-are-final policy across both the primary and secondary ticket market. The reason for this is because tickets are time sensitive items with strict limits on their value. Sellers may not be able to sell any returned tickets or may have to sell them for less money. The end result is that the ticket supplier ends up losing money as a result of the ticket return.

    If you'd like more information, please contact the appropriate customer support team on 844-765-8432 or use our online contact form and we'll see if we can assist.

  • If an event is cancelled, you are entitled to full compensation of your order total in the form of a monetary refund or a credit for use on a future purchase, as determined at our sole discretion (this may vary by jurisdiction). You will be contacted by email as soon as we have been alerted of a cancelled event. However, there may be occasions where events are cancelled with little notice. If you believe your event may be cancelled, please check with the artist, team, or venue's website prior to arriving to ensure that your event is taking place. Please note that you may be required to send back any unused tickets before compensation can be issued.

    If you have been issued Store Credit for a cancelled event and wish to exchange it for a monetary refund instead, please contact our customer support partners by using the contact us form/other options on site and they will action that for you.

    For full details of our compensation policy, please view the relevant section of our Terms & Conditions and for more clarity on how we're handling these exceptional times please visit our Covid Information Page.

    If you'd like more information, please contact the appropriate customer support team on 844-765-8432 or use our online contact form and we'll see if we can assist.

  • Your tickets will be valid for the new show date. Postponement does not entitle you to compensation for your ticket purchase.

    If you'd like more information, please contact the appropriate customer support team on 844-765-8432 or use our online contact form and we'll see if we can assist.

Ticket Delivery

  • Your email confirmation will include an estimated shipping date. This varies according to the event type, ticket type, and when tickets become available. Once your tickets have been dispatched, you'll receive an email with tracking information.

  • Our sellers use UPS for ticket shipping, to insure security and peace of mind for you and them. Please note, you will need to provide a signature on delivery.

  • You will receive an email once your tickets are ready with instructions on how to access them. Please note that this may not be the same day you place your order, particularly if tickets are not available yet.

    For more help, use our handy ticket tracker. If your question is pressing, please call us up on 844-765-8432

Electronic Transfer

  • Electronic Transfer tickets must be transferred online and displayed on a smartphone device for entry. When Electronic Tickets that are purchased on a primary market website are resold on the secondary market, the seller will transfer the tickets from their account to the new buyer through the website they were originally purchased on. Once transferred, tickets will no longer be in the seller's account. At the event, tickets must be accessed through the online account created during the transfer process which will display a barcode for each seat. The attendant will scan the barcodes from your phone to allow entry.

  • In order to access your Electronic Transfer tickets you'll need to go through a number of steps. They might sound daunting but don't worry, if you follow this guide it should all work seamlessly for you!

    • 1. Receive confirmation email from us. This email will notify you that your tickets have been transferred.
    • 2. Locate transfer offer from the seller. The email will come from a separate platform sent around the time you received the notification email from us.
    • Hint: If you are having trouble locating the transfer email remember that the email will be coming from the primary market and will be sent by the seller of the tickets. You may need to look in your inbox, junk, trash, and spam folders. You may also need to search by event name or venue name if you are still having trouble locating the email.
    • 3. Click on the link or button in the transfer email. You will be directed to a log in page to create an account or log in.
    • 4. Create an account or log in. Use the same email that was used to place your order with us.
    • 5. Follow the prompts to accept the tickets. After you have logged in, the page will give you instructions on how to accept your tickets. Follow the steps until you are able to see your tickets information.
    • 6. Access web page on a mobile device. After your tickets have been accepted, you will need to pull up the mobile QR codes from your mobile device. You can do this by going to a mobile web browser and logging into the webpage where you originally accepted your tickets.

  • If you receive an error message when logging in to the account page, please attempt to log back in later. Error messages can happen from time to time due to system issues on the third-party website. If you receive an error message, you should wait until later in the day to try again.

    If you are having trouble accepting the tickets, we recommend troubleshooting from a different device or web browser. Some browsers and devices do not work well with the acceptance of tickets. We recommend that you attempt the transfer process from a desktop computer.

    If you receive a message saying that your tickets were already accepted, you will likely just need to log in to the account and navigate to the home page to see your ticket information.

Store Credit

  • If your event has been cancelled and you have received an email from us with the details of a Store Credit, then you may use the 16 digit Credit Code to purchase tickets on one of our sites up to the Credit Amount listed in your email.

  • Select any event on the site you purchased from or another in our collection and proceed to the checkout page at which you should enter your Credit Code into the ‘APPLY A DISCOUNT CODE’ box on the right hand column of the page. This will apply the full credit to your purchase.

  • Yes. If you have received confirmation from us that your event has been cancelled and you do not wish to make use of the 120% store credit that will have been sent to you for a future purchase, please contact our support team to request a monetary refund of your original order instead.

    A monetary refund of your original order value, inclusive of base price, fees, delivery charges, less any sums already refunded, will be made to your original form of payment, and the store credit will be cancelled.

    Please contact the appropriate customer support team on 844-765-8432 or use our online contact form to request your refund.

  • The Credit code is valid for use until December 31, 2022 (or a period of 18 months from the date of issue if later).

  • Yes. Provided that you have placed your order before the expiry date.

  • All you need is the Store Credit 16 digit code that is listed in the body of the Store Credit email. There is no physical coupon attached.

  • No. The Store Credit may only be used by the person to whom the email is addressed. But you can, as always, use the credit to purchase tickets for someone else to attend the event.

  • The credit code can be used on multiple purchases until the balance remaining is zero. But may only be used in conjunction with the email address to which the Store Credit email was originally sent to.

  • This is not a cash equivalent and has no cash value and may not be transferred to another email address. In most circumstances you can return your store credit in exchange for a monetary refund of your original order value, please contact the appropriate customer support team if you wish to explore this.

  • Yes. Your credit will be added back to your original gift card and can be used again to buy new tickets.

Questions about the event

As you know Providence Theater is an independent theatre guide and ticket-reseller. We don't operate the events or venues listed on site. If you wish to find out more about the event, discuss stage door possibilities, meet the cast, request a shout -out or stage a proposal, you'll need to get in touch with the venue directly. We're unable to forward these questions on for you.

Still need help?

If you have an urgent issue with an event happening in the next 24 hours you’ll get help the most quickly by using Live Chat or phoning us.