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Customer Reviews for A Christmas Carol

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Left at intermission

Not thrilled from Columbus, Ohio
26th November 2023

Ohio theater seats are very cramped. If they eliminated every other show it would help. No leg room. Equivalent to being in an airplane. I was unable to hear the actors. I'm unsure if it was the sound system or some of the accents. We sat in the mezzanine. If I didn't know the story going in I would not have followed the story. Water is $4 a bottle.

Was not a fan of the rendition.

T Damron from Columbus, Ohio
26th November 2023

As one that makes A Christmas Carol a part of my tradition through the years. I was very disappointed in the new rendition/ New adaption, that was created by the CAPA and Short North Stage in Columbus, Ohio. It was not very Christmasy at all but instead it was full of caskets, tombstones, and a couple of demons at the very beginning. There was only a very few Christmas decorations on the stage, the only props that was used was just a fireplace, a couple doors, a couple desks,a bed, and a table. No snowy streets, or Christmas trees, no Christmas carolers nor Christmas attire. The storyline was more doom and gloom rather than a celebration of Christmas. The cast did a great job but the new rendition/new adaption was not so good. In the traditional play, there were Christmas cheer at the very beginning, during and at the very end and they always would close with “We wish you a Merry Christmas” which left you with a warm heart going into the Christmas season but not this year. The new rendition this year, we walked away very disappointed. A Christmas Carol is a beloved classic Christmas story which should never be changed. My advice, if a classic novel/ play has been a hit for decades its best to not rewrite it.

Christmas Carol Ohio theater 2023

Becky Lynn from Columbus, Ohio
30th November 2023

What a horrible disappointment this rendition of Christmas Carol was!!! This was a huge let down for all my family members who were seeing this show for the first time!!! This is my 5th time seeing Christmas Carol and definitely the worst rendition I’ve ever seen. You could not hear the actors most of the time and the story line was jumbled into some kind of “out there artsy” story line that ruined the actual very good story. My son wanted to leave and my mom loved the beautiful theater but felt the actual play was a huge let down. I was so disappointed, I spent a lot of money for a once in a lifetime experience for my family and I’ve actually seen highschool plays done better than this one. My husband loves the theater and felt so much of the play was hard to follow and you could not understand most of the characters through out the play. I only gave a one star because the Thester is so pretty