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Customer Reviews for Les Miserables

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Awesome theatre

Sue from Providence, Rhode Island
17th November 2022

A lot of the people who have left reviews of this national tour rendition of our much loved Les Mis need to ‘get over themselves’. We saw very very early Broadway showings of this classic in the ‘80’s with the original outstanding cast, and yet give high marks to this latest revival performance in the gorgeous Providence performing Arts Center. True, there was no revolving stage and the lighting was very dark at times … but strong and beautiful voices completely transcended any perceived production issues. This was a truly wonderful and memorable performance - the primaries saw to that - and I can attest that the capacity crowd that witnessed this Wed night performance was savvy enough to fully appreciate what they were seeing. It was a completely wonderful performance that shouldn’t be missed!!! If you haven’t seen Les Mis yet, you need to!! If you haven’t seen it in awhile, it’s time. I was reduced to tears and you will be too.

Best Broadway Show

Curtis Chan, DDS from San Diego, California
4th October 2023

Last night's performance here in San Diego of Les Miserables was AWESOME. Nick Cartell's song "Bring Him Home" was so inspiring !! I've seen this show at least 7 times and the show continues to amaze me.

By far the best production

Rosalie Huntley from San Diego, California
15th October 2023

Went with my daughter. Les Mis and probably our favorite. The best production in my opinion. Javier's suicide scene was unbelievable. Nick Cartell as Jean Valjean was amazing. I never cried at Bring Him Home until tonight. We didn't want it to end. Congratulations We can't wait until you come back to San Diego.

More than Excellent!!

Katherine Smith-Brooks from San Diego, California
16th October 2023

This is my 4th Les Mis, and the best ever. Voices, music, orchestra, acting, scenery were all superb. I too wished to go again in the evening following the matinee! Just a wonderful and stunning experience. Thank you!!

FANTASTIC! Cast, Voices, Diversity, Staging!

Beth M. from San Jose, California
20th October 2023

My third time plus PBS Anniversary. DO NOT MISS this production! Amazing diverse cast - BRAVO! We’ve come a long way. (Smile) Voices and sound like I’ve never heard! Nick Cantrell brought me to tears, that voice! The harmony of the men, the entire cast! I could watch this production 100 times. Whew! My husband, not a musical fan, was overwhelmed. The sets were brilliant, huge part of making this perfection. Very different than the others I’ve seen yet as absolutely fantastical as I’d hoped and more. Please make a CD of this cast! Worth every penny of 6th row orchestra seats, behind the scenes, direction, lighting, the orchestra, the incredible cast, BRAVO! BRAVO! In case you’re wondering, I liked it!

This CAST!!!

Brian from San Francisco, California
6th July 2023

I saw opening night here in San Francisco, July 5, 2023. This is one of the best casts ever assembled to perform this production. Nick as 24601 is stunning- vocal power but also softness and gentleness. He is superb and would be the main reason to see the show if not for countless other amazing performances. Fantine (Haley) and Eponine (Christine), in particular, killed their solos and received extended applause. Gavroche (Milo) was also amazing!

Les Miserables