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Customer Reviews for Les Miserables

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Awesome theatre

Sue from Providence, Rhode Island
17th November 2022

A lot of the people who have left reviews of this national tour rendition of our much loved Les Mis need to ‘get over themselves’. We saw very very early Broadway showings of this classic in the ‘80’s with the original outstanding cast, and yet give high marks to this latest revival performance in the gorgeous Providence performing Arts Center. True, there was no revolving stage and the lighting was very dark at times … but strong and beautiful voices completely transcended any perceived production issues. This was a truly wonderful and memorable performance - the primaries saw to that - and I can attest that the capacity crowd that witnessed this Wed night performance was savvy enough to fully appreciate what they were seeing. It was a completely wonderful performance that shouldn’t be missed!!! If you haven’t seen Les Mis yet, you need to!! If you haven’t seen it in awhile, it’s time. I was reduced to tears and you will be too.

You must see this

Ean Meyer from Houston, Texas
29th January 2024

I was reluctant to see the show for a second time, especially after seeing Les Mis in an amazing theater in London years ago. This show in Houston was hands down the best musical I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many. What a cast! Thank you for an evening I will never forget!

BEST birthday surprise!!

Robin Cohen Westmiller from Camarillo, Ca
29th January 2024

My daughter lives in Houston - a friend of hers called to say Les Miserables was going to be in town and asked if she wanted to go with her. Daughter replies "I ONLY see Les Miz with my mother!" -- SO, she calls me (I'm in L.A.) makes up some excuse to visit, pays my Southwest ticket, and SURPRISES me for my birthday with tickets soo the production!! It was FANTASTIC... one of the very best, made more special that it's become a family tradition! I did see it in L.A. in August, (I think this was my 22nd performance) The last time we were together was at the very LAST Broadway performance way back in 2017! Tickets again were a present - with BOTH my daughters in NYC! I have 5 grandsons, ages 12 - 4yrs... ONE OF THEM WILL PLAY JEAN VALJEAN some day!! (One day more!!) Thank you Houston, you are a BEAUTIFUL city!

Unbelievably Moving. Exceed expectations in every way.

SD from Memphis, Tennessee
11th February 2024

This production was by far one of the best productions I have ever seen. From the acting to the stage setting to the vocals to the humor it was engrossing in every possible way. I was quite honestly very sad when it was over. I can't think of a single criticism of this show. I'd go back again in a heartbeat to watch it all over again. We bought our tickets last second, and paid handsomely for them. I feel like I got a bargain after watching the show. I'd pay double for that experience again.


D Harper from Madison, Wisconsin
19th February 2024

I have seen Les Mis productions on Broadway and in Chicago, and loved both of them. However, this performance was one of the very best shows I have ever seen in my life of many decades! Each soloist, from Jean Valjean, Javert and Fantine to the Thenardiers, Eponine, Cosette and Marius, to Gavroche, Enjolras, Grantaire and the Bishop, and to all those I am unintentionally leaving out, was the vocal epitome of the character. I feel absolutely enlightened by this performance.

Emotional and captivating…

Andrea S from Grand Rapids, Michigan
10th March 2024

I’ve seen Les Miserables 3 times in my life, last night was the best yet! The creamy and perfectly controlled voice of Jean Valjean was straight from the heavens and the gal that played Eponine was the same. Cast and set was 10/10!